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M&M Brownies

M&M Brownies

I was on my way to the grocery store the other day and got a craving for M&M brownies. Not sure where that came from but I had to have them. I picked up some M&Ms baking bits and a few hours later I had a batch of very delicious M&M brownies. They were so good, they didn’t last long enough for me to take pictures of them.

Killer Two-Bite Brownies


Just before Christmas, I got a little crazy at the supermarket and bought every kind of chip-type product available. Chocolate, butterscotch, white chocolate, M&M, Skor, etc. I didn’t end up using as much as I wanted so I still have most of these in my cupboard. I wanted to come up with a brownie recipe that would utilize some of these chips so I could use them up.