Baby Shower Cake Pops

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Baby Shower Cake Pops

Since I made the Easter Egg Cake Pops about a month ago, I’ve been reading some tips and tricks on how to get them better. That was my second attempt at cake pops, and they turned out better than my first attempt, but I still hadn’t gotten the hang of it.

This past weekend, I made some cake pops for a friend’s baby shower. Because mom and dad didn’t want to know the sex of the baby, the colours for the shower were pale green and yellow. I figured out a few things that helped tremendously.

For starters, melting the chocolate over a double boiler was such a pain, got the chocolate too hot so it seized and made more of mess than needed. This time, I filled up a mug with the Merckens Chocolate Melts, threw that in the microwave for 30 seconds, checked on it, and put it back in at 15 second intervals until it was mixed. The chocolate was so much easier to work with and all that was dirtied was a mug.

I also added paramount crystals to the chocolate once it was melted to thin it out a bit. I found that the chocolate was too thick so I stirred those in until it reached the consistency I wanted.

After the first batch was made and drying, I noticed a few were getting cracks in them, but also because I had made them with flat bottoms, the chocolate on the bottom was very thin and the cake was slightly popping out of some through the bottom. I dipped them again in the chocolate and that seemed to solve both problems.

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